Our story and who we are

We are a small company that started in 2022, in Durban, South Africa.
The Alulla dream had been a long time coming, a dream we had been working towards for many months. Starting a company is never easy, especially a jewellery company as there are so many jewellers around. It took months of product testing and design to finally find the quality we were after. So many samples ended up tarnishing or having issues that we DID NOT want. After finally finding something perfect, we put our dream into motion.. Creating Alulla Jewellery!
Why did we choose jewellery?
Our passion for jewellery has always been a factor, and wanting to share confidence and beauty with others is a life goal. To provide someone with a gift that lasts a lifetime, will always put a smile on our faces. Another reason we started was because of the lack of good quality, low priced jewellery around. It's either low price, low quality. Or high price, high quality. Which is why we strive for low prices and excellent quality, and we are so confident in our jewellery that we have a 2 YEAR WARRANTY on all our items!!
Why should you trust us, and our products?
As mentioned above, all our items have a 2 year warranty. Allowing you to be absolutely confident in our pieces. "Okay yes, but lots of businesses have warranty, and yet they are still not trustworthy.." On top of the warranty, we offer free 30 day returns on items you aren't satisfied with. Wether that's size, look or feel, we aren't happy unless you are happy! We aren't just a company that sells jewellery... We care about our customers, we want you to be confident and show off your beauty!! Our favourite part about selling jewellery, is the feedback we get, there really is nothing better than seeing you beautiful people so happy with your Alulla items.
Alulla Out
Thanks for being with us you lovely people! We will update you guys on new launches, releases and guides to jewellery fits. For now, goodbye and have a great week and weekend!
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